4 Inexpensive Game of Thrones Marketing Lessons for Your Business

1) Use the power of socializing to create a deeper imprint

The GOT Element

Anyone who has seen Game of Thrones knows how Tyrion Lannister gets the work done. That’s right. He has socializing and networking skills par excellence.

Marketing Takeaway From Tyron Lannister’s skills

  1. Social skills. That’s what marketers should take away from him.
  2. Start building your brand’s social presence.
  3. Also, start building your network.
  4. A brand’s social presence is everything. Moreover, in a digital world, you can offer a rich and consistent social media presence to your intended and target audience.
  5. Even if you’re small and just starting out, it’s going to work out, because, “a very small man can cast a very large shadow.

2) Keep up with the trends and adapt accordingly

The GOT Element

We all are aware of the master of whispers right? None other than our very own Lord Varys who was later burned to ashes by Dragon for treachery to the then queen Daenerys.

Marketing Takeaway From Lord Varys

  1. Awareness. Acceptance. Adaptability. That’s what we should learn from Lord Varys.
  2. A business should always be aware of the ongoing and upcoming trends.
  3. In today’s highly competitive world, changes are frequent and rapid, and if you don’t keep up with them, your brand won’t be able to see the light of the day.
  4. So be like Lord Varys. Keep up with the latest trends and changes that are happening in the marketing world. Accept those. Adapt to those and shift your marketing plans accordingly.

3) Content creation and execution is the key

The GOT Element

A special shout-out to the Game of Thrones creative and production team here. I mean you can have a story outlined and all planned, but if the content and execution are not right, it’s bound to fail.

Marketing Takeaway

  1. In today’s digital marketing world, content is the ultimate king. We all know that. We all are aware of it. And we all must strive to make the best of it.
  2. Creating and delivering clear, concise, and quality content to your audience will get you the ultimate success and presence that you desire.
  3. It will not only make your brand name popular but if you play your cards right, your brand can even become a global phenomenon.

4) You cannot plan for everything in advance

The GOT Element

OK GOT watchers, Let’s journey back a bit.

Marketing Takeaway From the Uncertainty Element

You can plan and plan but the changes that happen in today’s marketing world are faster than lightning speed and what you planned initially may not work the next moment.

Key Takeaway

Here are a few marketing lessons and takeaways from one of the grandest most magnanimous television shows ever created.



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Experienced marketer and a published book author, Pooja Agnihotri, is on a mission to save businesses from themselves.