6 Money-Draining Facebook Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Pooja Agnihotri
11 min readJan 12, 2022

Bizadmark is ranked as the best digital advertising agency in Brooklyn, New York. In this blog, they have decided to share everything about Facebook marketing — tips, mistakes, and strategies. So, let’s start.

How Facebook can be used for Marketing?

Facebook is like a cool online cafe where everyone is hanging out.

The place is so hip that a surprising 2.23 billion people spend most of their time there monthly.

And on average, a person spends 60minutes every day there.

Imagine what kind of social influence it has.

As a business owner, you advertise on many channels but none of those channels can compete with the reach of Facebook.

Also, you can put a billboard in a mall but 2.23 billion people are not going to visit that place.

You can reach a number like that with the help of TV advertising, but when you compare the cost of TV advertising with Facebook Advertising, you won’t be able to ignore Facebook.

It’s a place with unlimited and untapped opportunities for a business owner.

It gives you access to 2.23 billion people.

If not all, but a good set of them might qualify as your potential target customers.

By using Facebook, you can deliver your message to them, you can educate them about your product, and develop their interest in your product.

What is Facebook Marketing? Or Facebook Social Media Marketing?

When you use Facebook for marketing, it’s known as Facebook marketing or Facebook social media marketing.

It means that you are using Facebook to increase your reach to your target market and communicate the value of your products to them.

It’s just like any other marketing.

The only thing that has changed is the medium used.

Marketing has been done using many media in the past like TV, radio, billboards, pamphlets, magazines, and many more.

With Facebook marketing, we are just expanding that concept to this new online channel, making a few changes so it matches the spirit of the channel used and delivers better results.

Understanding the Various Types of Facebook Marketing

Your Facebook marketing strategy will be dependent on what you’re promoting.

I categorize Facebook marketing into three categories:

Facebook Business Marketing

When you are promoting your business on Facebook, it’s known as Facebook business marketing.

Your business can be from any industry and can be of any type.

You can promote a product or even a service.

You can promote a pair of shoes or you can promote a noble cause.

Facebook offers ample opportunities for every business regardless of what you are selling.

Facebook Fan Page Marketing

Facebook is a place for bringing all the fans together in one place.

If you go search on this social media channel, you will find fan pages for so many things — from a food dish to a celebrity.

When you use a common interest to attract people to a Facebook page, it’s known as Facebook fan page marketing.

Facebook Personal Marketing

Facebook personal marketing is when you use Facebook to promote yourself.

These days everyone has a Facebook page to market themselves.

Every author, musician, chef, you can literally find everyone with a Facebook page.

Some are brands and some are trying to become a brand.

And I say why not? Facebook has huge potential for everyone.

How to Market Your Business on Facebook?

More than 70 million businesses are present on Facebook.

Before you get ready to market your business on Facebook, here are a few important concepts you should familiarize yourself with.

The entire process of Facebook marketing starts with creating a Facebook page.

What is a Facebook Page?

A Facebook page is a page where you talk about your brand or business.

Facebook page is not an account to socialize with your family and friends.

On the other hand, it’s a page to give a platform to all those users who love or will love your product.

It’s like your diary where you can post whatever you want your audience to know about you.

People who follow your age will get updates whenever you post anything new in your diary.

How are Facebook Pages Different From Facebook Profiles?

Most people get confused when it comes to understanding the differences between Facebook pages and Facebook profiles.

First things first, a Facebook profile is a personal account. Facebook page is a public account.

Secondly, a Facebook profile is what you use when you want to connect with your family and friends.

Moreover, a Facebook page is used to connect with your customers and potential customers.

So, What is a Facebook Business Account?

A Facebook business account is an account made by business owners on Facebook to keep everything easily manageable and secure.

It includes your Facebook page, your Facebook ad account, and the user access facility.

Finally, now as you know all the basic terms, let’s move on to the important topic of Facebook page creation.

Now, How to Create a Facebook Business Page?

This process starts when you go to Facebook and choose the option of creating a page.

Business pages are generally connected to personal profiles.

Facebook allows you to create two types of pages. These types are:

Business or Brand

Community or Public Figure

If you are a business owner, you can pick option one.

You will be then asked about the category of your business.

Also, You can choose one appropriate category to reflect your business retail, shopping mall, retail store, etc.

Then you pick the name of your business.

Now you’ll be taken to your Facebook page which will kind of look like a personal profile with some minor visible changes.

You can customize the page to reflect your brand. Add a

  • Cover picture
  • Profile picture
  • Short description
  • Business story
  • Business hours
  • Contact details
  • Locations
  • Username
  • Assign roles (advertiser, moderator, editor, and many more) to your team members
  • MOST IMPORTANT: A call to action

You can organize the tabs according to your preference.

Once you are done with all this, you can ask Facebook to verify your account.

If you are a big brand with many people talking about you, it won’t be so tough for you.

But if you are a small business or even a big business with not much visibility on the internet, this process is going to be a little more complicated and lengthy.

Once your page is ready and is reflecting the right digital branding, now it’s time to get your audience closer to you.

Facebook Marketing For B2C Businesses

Marketing a B2C business is fairly easier on Facebook than on a B2B business.

Facebook is a place where people go to relax and have some fun time.

Your focus when you are marketing a B2C product on Facebook should be on engaging with your user.

You are allowed to show your fun side here. People want to know more about you. They want to see that you have something in common with them.

Leave your brand image behind, be the person next door. Show your customers you are as human as they are and you will win them over.

Facebook Marketing For B2B Businesses

A B2B business can be marketed on Facebook as well, but it takes extra effort.

When it comes to B2B products, the decision is not as simple as a B2C product.

People are not buying a $30 T-shirt, they are buying many thousands of worth B2B products or services.

In addition to that, a B2B buyer likes researching a lot before making a decision.

Unlike B2C where you can expect a sale right through Facebook, B2B sales are going to follow a different pattern.

You can concentrate on a few important points here while using Facebook for your B2B business -

Firstly, divert your audience to another channel where they can have access to more information about your B2B product.

Secondly, send your Facebook traffic to your website where you have better chances of selling.

Lastly, generate leads and use a different channel for lead nurturing

Even if Facebook is not the final lead-generation channel many times, still it plays a major role in making sure that your customer reaches the right destination.

It helps you in keeping the top-of-mind awareness alive by being present wherever everyone is.

Can You Increase Your Facebook Reach Through Facebook Marketing?

For communicating your message to your audience, you need an audience first.

Just building a page isn’t enough. It won’t have any reach and your message will not get across.

You can start by inviting your family and friends to like your Facebook business page.

After you have done this, now is the time to run Facebook ads. Whenever it comes to increasing reach, advertising is the best solution.

The next step is to engage with people.

Share engaging content that makes them talk about you online and share your posts with their friends.

These are the things you can do on Facebook but you can also promote your Facebook page outside Facebook.

Moreover, you can also cross-promote it on your social media channels, promote it on your website, and add it to your email signature.

The strategy should be wherever your business has access to people, that platform should be used to communicate this message.

It needn’t be a digital channel, you can even use traditional marketing channels to let people know about your new Facebook page.

6 Money-Draining Facebook Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Even though Facebook seems simple, it actually is not.

Using Facebook as a marketing channel always gives an impression that anyone can do it — your daughter, your neighbor, or your assistant. But unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

Mistake 1: Not Underestimating the Facebook Channel

Running a Facebook page is very different than running a Facebook personal profile.

Many people don’t know this part. Let’s understand why -

People are generally curious about other people’s lives especially if they know them.

You do want to know who your best friend married to, where she, what is she doing in Paris, and every other minute detail.

Now, do you feel the same way about a company page? The company pages are not your friends.

They are not telling you about big life milestones like marriage, kids, jobs, travel, or your favorite people.

They, on the other hand, want to talk about their products and sell their products to you. Does that sound interesting to you?

The answer is no.

You need a strategy that can turn even a boring brand into the coolest person in the part that everyone wants to talk to.

That is a skill not everyone has.

Mistake 2: Treating Facebook as Just an Entertainment Channel

Many times the solution of mistake one can lead to mistake two.

You have to make sure that your Facebook page is fun and captivating, but you have to remember in the end it’s not an entertainment page.

The end purpose of your Facebook marketing strategy should be to generate leads and sales.

If your efforts are not producing that result, then that means your marketing strategy is ineffective.

Facebook should always be used as a lead generation tool and everything else should be a means to it.

Mistake 3: Having No Personality on Your Facebook Account

Nobody likes a person who has no personality at all.

Think about all the people you like.

Your one friend might have a sarcastic personality, and another one might have the personality of a clown.

Moreover, Your one friend has always solutions to every problem you can ask and another one has this comforting aura around.

The same should be true for your business. If you want your business to be likable, you have to give it a personality.

That’s why your digital branding should be even present on your Facebook channel.

Mistake 4: Being Spammy (The Most Common Mistake)

Many business owners or their marketing teams forget this another important thing about marketing. Marketing is not being spammy.

It’s not about forcing your product on others. It’s about making your product so desirable that your ideal customer comes to you and asks you about it.

Even then I see many Facebook business pages where all they talk about is -

Buy this from us.

We are great, Buy our product.

Our product is great. Buy now.

Of course, not exactly like this.

But most of the content can be broken down to this above-mentioned format.

Why do you keep forgetting that nobody likes to be sold?

What do you do when somebody stops you and tries to sell you something? You dislike that.

Not just Facebook content, you also need to have a Facebook content strategy.

Mistake 5: Not Having a Dynamic Facebook Marketing Strategy

Many times the things we are doing on Facebook fail to produce results.

In this case, the best thing to do is to reevaluate the Facebook marketing strategy and change it accordingly.

Sticking with the same old Facebook marketing strategy that doesn’t yield results is a waste of time.

Also, when not enough people will interact with your posts, your reach will start going down.

So, sticking to a strategy that’s not bringing results is actually harming your business a lot.

Mistake 6: Disrupting the Facebook Flow

A good marketing strategy should be like water, taking the form of the channel where it is done.

If you are on Facebook, you have to reflect on your Facebook strategy that matches not just the personality of your business but also Facebook.

Facebook is a relaxed place for hanging ours with family and friends.

It’s not a professional meetup ground like LinkedIn.

Neither is a serious discussion platform like Quora.

Read — Why You Need Quora For Marketing?

What is a Facebook Marketing Agency? Or Facebook Ad Agency?

A Facebook marketing company is the one that takes of every marketing needs of a business on the Facebook platform.

They are a team of Facebook experts (in addition to being creative copywriters and experienced marketers) and they know how to use Facebook to increase the business growth of a company.

They help in increasing your sales through Facebook.

What Kind of Facebook Marketing Services do They Provide?

Facebook marketing services comprise of many things and clients are free to choose whatever they want based on their budget and current needs. These services are:

Branding Services

A Facebook marketing agency will help you in reflecting on your branding even on a digital channel like Facebook.

They will give your business a brand personality, brand voice, and brand identity.

They will make sure that people can easily recognize whenever your name comes up.

Content Services

Suppose, you want to use Facebook marketing in Brooklyn New York for your business, Facebook marketing company will also help you in writing the content for your business.

Not only this, they work on various types of content for you — from plain text messages to create video messages.

Moreover, they can even produce educational videos, entertainment videos, tutorials, and any other kind of videos you need.

Wait. There’s more. They will prepare a social media calendar for you.

Furthermore, they will keep track of how the content is performing and will change it whenever the need arises.

And it goes on and on.

Advertising Services

If a Facebook marketing agency also has a creative branch, they can even help you with Facebook advertising services.

From designing the ad to monitoring the result, they take care of everything for you.

Not just that, Facebook marketing company also helps you with your online Facebook reputation management, engaging with your Facebook audience, and various other Facebook things.

They are responsible for forming the Facebook marketing strategy to executing it and generating sales for you.

Facebook Marketing Guide For New York Businesses: Key Takeaway

Facebook is something that you can’t ignore your business growth.

It has access to your target audience and the only way to target that audience is to make sure that your business is present there.

Combing Facebook and marketing is the answer to using this channel well for your business.

Facebook can be used for any kind of business from B2B and B2C. The only change will be in the marketing strategy.

If you use Facebook effectively, you will be able to produce amazing business results.



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