6 Money-Draining Facebook Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

How Facebook can be used for Marketing?

Facebook is like a cool online cafe where everyone is hanging out.

What is Facebook Marketing? Or Facebook Social Media Marketing?

When you use Facebook for marketing, it’s known as Facebook marketing or Facebook social media marketing.

Understanding the Various Types of Facebook Marketing

Your Facebook marketing strategy will be dependent on what you’re promoting.

Facebook Business Marketing

When you are promoting your business on Facebook, it’s known as Facebook business marketing.

Facebook Fan Page Marketing

Facebook is a place for bringing all the fans together in one place.

Facebook Personal Marketing

Facebook personal marketing is when you use Facebook to promote yourself.

How to Market Your Business on Facebook?

What is a Facebook Page?

A Facebook page is a page where you talk about your brand or business.

How are Facebook Pages Different From Facebook Profiles?

Most people get confused when it comes to understanding the differences between Facebook pages and Facebook profiles.

So, What is a Facebook Business Account?

A Facebook business account is an account made by business owners on Facebook to keep everything easily manageable and secure.

Now, How to Create a Facebook Business Page?

This process starts when you go to Facebook and choose the option of creating a page.

  • Profile picture
  • Short description
  • Business story
  • Business hours
  • Contact details
  • Locations
  • Username
  • Assign roles (advertiser, moderator, editor, and many more) to your team members
  • MOST IMPORTANT: A call to action

Facebook Marketing For B2C Businesses

Marketing a B2C business is fairly easier on Facebook than on a B2B business.

Facebook Marketing For B2B Businesses

A B2B business can be marketed on Facebook as well, but it takes extra effort.

Can You Increase Your Facebook Reach Through Facebook Marketing?

For communicating your message to your audience, you need an audience first.

6 Money-Draining Facebook Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Mistake 1: Not Underestimating the Facebook Channel

Running a Facebook page is very different than running a Facebook personal profile.

Mistake 2: Treating Facebook as Just an Entertainment Channel

Many times the solution of mistake one can lead to mistake two.

Mistake 3: Having No Personality on Your Facebook Account

Nobody likes a person who has no personality at all.

Mistake 4: Being Spammy (The Most Common Mistake)

Many business owners or their marketing teams forget this another important thing about marketing. Marketing is not being spammy.

Mistake 5: Not Having a Dynamic Facebook Marketing Strategy

Many times the things we are doing on Facebook fail to produce results.

Mistake 6: Disrupting the Facebook Flow

A good marketing strategy should be like water, taking the form of the channel where it is done.

What is a Facebook Marketing Agency? Or Facebook Ad Agency?

What Kind of Facebook Marketing Services do They Provide?

Facebook marketing services comprise of many things and clients are free to choose whatever they want based on their budget and current needs. These services are:

Facebook Marketing Guide For New York Businesses: Key Takeaway



Experienced marketer and a published book author, Pooja Agnihotri, is on a mission to save businesses from themselves.

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Pooja Agnihotri

Pooja Agnihotri

Experienced marketer and a published book author, Pooja Agnihotri, is on a mission to save businesses from themselves.