6 Twitter Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Pooja Agnihotri
4 min readNov 30, 2020


With more than 340 million active users on Twitter, we consider it as a platform with huge potential. Twitter Marketing is something worth taking about.

From lead generation to customer service, it can be used for your various business needs.

Target The Right Audience

Your Twitter marketing strategy should focus on reaching the right audience. This should be the first goal of your plan. All other steps will prove useful, only when this has been achieved.

If you are a sports apparel store and you are promoting your brand to people who have no interest in sports, you are just wasting your time and energy.

Yes, there can be a possibility that you end up transforming a non-sports lover into a sports fan but that is less than 1%. And we are talking about the rest of 99% right now.

Not a Promotional or Broadcasting Social Media Channel

Yes, you heard it right. Stop promoting your brand on Twitter. At least directly! Twitter is mainly a conversational platform rather than a promotional one. What is expected from you on Twitter is to engage in conversation with your audience rather than hard-selling your products to them?

This channel demands of you to shed your non-reachable brand persona and adopt a friendly next-door neighbor’s image. Talk to your audience. Listen to your audience. Respond to your audience. Engage with your audience. Soon you will see the results.

Posting at a Wrong Time

Unlike various other social media channels, the life of a post on Twitter is very short — 4 times shorter than the Facebook post.

If you post something in the morning, it might not be visible by afternoon to the majority of your audience. Generally, the life span of a Twitter post is between 15–20minutes.

You need to be very strategic here. You not only have to tweet something but you have to tweet at a time when you can take full advantage of its short life. Weekends generally prove very effective for better engagement.

If you are planning to post something on a weekday, posting something between 11 am to 4 pm is a good option.

More Than 7000 Tweets Are Being Sent Every Single Second. Not Being Strategic With Your Tweet Timings Will Not Bring Any Desired Results.

Not Using Hashtags

Tweets and hashtags share a strange relationship. If you don’t have a hashtag, there will be a drop in the engagement rate. If there are more hashtags, there is a drop in engagement rate even then. What’s the solution for this? Stick to the ideal number of using either 1 or 2 hashtags per tweet. Not more than that and not less than that.

Do you know that a tweet with the right number of hashtags receives twice more engagement? CTR can go up by 21% but having more hashtags can make it go down by at least 17%.

Not Making Images a Part of Your Tweets

Only text-based tweets don’t get as much engagement in the form of likes, mentions, and retweets t as text plus image or text plus video tweets.

Tweets With Images Generally Receive 90% More Engagement Than Plain Tweets.

According to a study by AdWeek, video-based tweets are six times more retweeted than other image tweets and three times more tweeted than gifs.

Here is the priority order of various types of content according to the engagement or conversation they spark.


Keep Your Twitter Handle Small

As we all are aware that Twitter puts a character limit on our tweets.

We can’t just share a story there, all we can do is share a title for that story. That’s why if you have a long Twitter handle, it’s going to take so many characters’ space in a Tweet. This means that I have to shorten my already short message. That’s kinda interest killer in many Twitter users. So, if you have a short Twitter handle, people wouldn’t mind using your name in their Tweets.

Our next blog will be about another big Social Media channel that can be used for marketing. If you are curious about any particular social media channel, feel free to comment on it in the comment section and we will try to take that as a topic for our next blog, or message us.



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