7 Ways Small Businesses Can Use Data to Boost Their Business Growth

Pooja Agnihotri
8 min readJun 29, 2021


Hello all. In this article, I will be explaining to you all about how small businesses can use data to boost their business growth. I hope to give you a lot of insights and get all your queries solved.

Analytics and data play an important role in all businesses. I have never been a fan of metrics since childhood and always loved reading subjects that did not involve numbers. However, with time as I got into marketing and advertising, I realized the importance that data and analysis hold in every aspect of our lives.

In business, we first analyze and then work so that we make lesser mistakes, have a clear idea of where our plan is going, and build a better branding base accordingly.

The days are gone when we had to wait for a long time to find out if your marketing and advertising plans are working. Now, with the advancements of the internet and modern marketing, all brands use data to understand their customers and bring progress in their work. However, a lot of businesses still don’t have much idea about data. So what is data? How can it help your business achieve success?

Let’s find out now.

How do Data help in Business Growth?

Data makes the understanding of a program simple and allows us to create improvements and make our workings better. Big data and business analytics have the potential to help you work from a different viewpoint and help gain success.

Moreover, you will be able to excel in the highly competitive marketplace. You will also have the accessibility to leverage relevant business knowledge from both within and outside your brand. As per a survey by Bloomberg, almost 97% of the respondents reported that their brands have adopted analytics.

Why Small Businesses Should Use Data for Business Growth?

Analytics is the method required for your business to make correct choices. They allow you to increase profitability, understand where your efforts are working and where they are falling short.

This will help you in making decisions that are likely to influence the brand. Data-driven businesses understand that the keys to competitive differentiation will increasingly be generated by data.

Data-driven strategies provide the ability for business leaders to increase their growth in the market while influencing customer loyalty. We all live in a world that is digitally connected. Hence, brands need data and metrics to understand if their customers are actually liking what they see and if their efforts are making a difference.

If you know the actions, priorities, specific problems, and challenges of your target customer, you can create marketing strategies that appeal to their unique needs.

Data such as browsing habits of a consumer, social media activity, purchasing behavior online, and other metrics will help you concentrate your marketing efforts on what is effective.

Hence, data analysis will help you reshape your customer relationships, sell more efficiently, and eventually drive more revenue for your brand.

How Data Leads to Business Growth?

1. Data will Help in Finding the Right Audience

One of the most important aspects of metrics or data is that it can help you find the right audience. Research to find the data from your existing customers and you can easily understand if your customers would be interested in your brand.

Research on what your customers are talking about your brand. This way you can segment your audience to current and future customers. Once, you have found your right audience, you can use the same research and metrics to analyze what they like and dislike. This will help you with your target marketing.

2. Data will Make Setting Your Strategies Clearer

Once you know the metrics and your audience it is easy to create strategies for your brand. When you know your data, you will be able to target your audience much better rather than just setting strategies aimlessly.

Like google analytics helps your brand to create better marketing strategies as they provide you with data that can be used to understand your audience. It is a powerful tool for brands. When you secure sufficient data about your customers and market, you can gain better insights and work on your strategies.

Yes, it can be a little difficult to keep track of the data and analyze it efficiently. For this, you can take the help of experts or professional agencies to help you out with your research and data and lead your business towards greater success.

3. Data Will Bring Internal Improvements

It is necessary to be organized to conduct a better performance. Your employee or your team members should not feel burdened with work. When you have the right data for the measurement of your work, it will be easier for your team members to look into what is working and not working to create a list of improvements.

This helps in fast working and more productivity. Professionals with a background in data would be able to answer key questions when an issue is found and address them. Thus, this will help your internal team to have better control overworking and help in moving your brand towards success.

4. Data will Help You Design Innovative Products

Data helps your brand to find the right customers for you. Hence, you can deliver the right message about your brand to the customers you are targeting. This way you will be able to understand your audience and connect with them better.

When you connect with your audience, you tend to understand what they like and dislike and create products that are easier for them to relate with or make their lives better. It is not just the product that matters, but the overall experience that a brand offers. This understanding of their preferences is possible only through analysis.

You can find out if your customers have an issue with a product if they are returning your products if they are re-ordering, following your brand, and much more through data. By ensuring that you deliver something new to your customers, you get a competitive edge.

For example, Microsoft always checks if the products are good for their customers. They highly use data to analyze if their products are working in the market and bring necessary changes to them if they understand there are some issues with it.

And the same way with the help of data, they create innovative products that are loved by their customers. Tesla is another brand that uses data to create innovative products for its customers. Data is everywhere, and without that, your business can’t move forward. Brands like Tesla and Microsoft understand that very well.

5. Data Will Enhance Your Advertising

You can track your advertisements with the help of analytic tools. You can know how many people have watched, liked, skipped and for long they have watched your ads.

The data tool analyzes the campaign on certain characteristics such as ad features, customer targeting, advertising results, and much more. You can conduct your advertising campaigns effectively through analytics and also make improvements in your campaign once you receive the data.

This is done against the promised scope, and advertising interaction concerning the number of clicks, to calculate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. Hence, with analytics, you will be in a position to design better ads for your audience.

6. Data Will Help in Making Personalized Relations

Brands completely rely on data insights to offer personalization. This helps the brands to get more human and connect with the customers better. Let’s take Netflix as an example here. Have you noticed that you get suggestions when you open your Netflix account to watch something? Do you know how they do it? Analytics.

They in fact use this data to give you personalized messages or suggestions because they know what kind of shows or movies you are interested in. Thus, it is also easy for you to watch whatever you like and create a bond with the brand.

This timeliness and precision enhance the opportunity for the audience to hit an emotional chord and encourage constructive interaction. Brands must strive to obtain a precise description of their customers. Then, you can develop personalized messages that inspire action.

7. Data Will Predict Future Behavior

The use of predictive analytics to forecast customer behavior before it takes place is one of the most promising advances in marketing. Brands can be even more proactive now. Don’t miss chances to make great plans. You can maximize your expansion with predictive insights provided by data and set yourself apart from the crowd.

Building long-term relationships with buyers and determining market shifts before competing brands by using audience profiling data to anticipate what customers want is all possible through data.

Data Makes Your Business More Customer-centric

Yes. Today, customers are all digital-savvy. They know that all brands need customer data to understand and work with the customer needs. Hence, brands can easily collect a lot of data through several platforms.

You can create smarter campaigns that lead to better customer engagement by aggregating and analyzing more information quicker. Any brand trying to build brand loyalty and consumer value need to truly understand its customers and use that information in the right way, at the right time, to meet their needs.

Brands need a differentiated approach that places their most important customers first. For this, data need to be continuously checked, confirmed, and strengthened. To keep ahead of the competition and drive your brand forward, brands are seeking to exploit their large quantities of data. Value is derived by bringing the analytics closer to the results, and contextual consumer responses that are rendered quickly.

Hence, we all are connected immensely digitally. For brands to perform well, they have to understand the needs of the customers and provide them with products and services that they desire. Also, build deeper relationships of trust and loyalty. Do you know how all of this is possible? You guessed it right. Through data.

Data for Business Growth?

There are huge advantages of accepting data throughout your business journey. By applying analytics tools to your brand and strategies, you generate actionable insights and business success. However, just collecting data is not enough, you need to use it to your advantage and execute them.

The secret to successful marketing is data-driven and customer-centric marketing.



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