How to Keep Yourself Busy During Quarantine Time?

Pooja Agnihotri
5 min readNov 1, 2021


Utilizing Quarantine Time: The coronavirus scare hit Wuhan, China, and then the world in early 2020.

More or less everyone has been locked in their homes and experiencing the longest quarantine time in the history of the world.

But like everything, perception is important.

The entire world has been trying to stay positive and calm in these trying times and trying to find a silver lining.

And they have actually. As the world has slowed down on the professional front, it has given them time to embrace their other productive areas.

Let’s look at how we are all keeping busy and productive in these quarantine times.

Sit back, relax, and read on.

Embracing Your Writing Side

This isolation and quarantine time has opened up possibilities of exploring the writer, author, poet, scriptwriter within all of us.

Many of us have resorted to blogging or journaling as a way of embracing positivity in these tough times.

Moreover, with journaling, you can keep a track of your thoughts and ideas and if you start to get negative or lower vibrational thoughts you can become aware of them.

Not only this, this quarantine time has been given to you to explore the writer in you.

Who knows what beautiful marvels you’ll come up with.

You can also start with your own blogs where you can post them all. Be it poems or write-ups or anything else.

Just try and unleash the writing bug in you and see the magic.

Upgrade to a New Skill

A perfect example of utilizing quarantine time is to upgrade your resume and add new skills to your plate.

Many courses in all the fields are being offered by various online platforms including Google, Allison, and Harvard home learning.

It can range from as simple as learning a new language, learning the rules of a game you like to play, or learning something as complex as coding or other skills.

This is the perfect time to add a new skill to your resume and let it shine a little brighter to add more opportunities to your plate.

Moreover, you can also explore digital marketing courses offered by Google or any other portal for free or paid.

Sounds like something to think about right?

Focus on the Holistic Development

It’s rough times we’re living in and it can surely get overwhelming at times.

You can get anxious, low, or depressed and it’s only normal.

We’re all humans, we are social beings and we are so used to a lifestyle where we go out and socialize with people over a cup of coffee, beer, or just water for work purposes.

But while your life is on hold. You can work on your emotions, you can work on yourself.

How? you ask? By working on yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally.

From workouts to meditation. This is where you begin the journey of self-development.

Whenever the bouts of loneliness, lower vibrational energies, or anxiety hit you, you can focus on breathing and come to a more centered place, you can meditate on it or you can simply dance it out.

No kidding. It really helps.

Create What You’re Good At And Experiment With Social Media

You may underestimate yourself but you’re packed with skills both artistic and otherwise.

And this is the time when the world has become socially distant. But we don’t have to be “socially” distant. Getting my point?

Everyone says “if you got it, flaunt it” right? So why not do exactly that when you have all the time?

With social media marketing rising more so in the quarantine time, you can create a professional page of your own.

So, another way to perfectly utilize quarantine time is to explore the business aspect of it and post everything that you’ve been doing, creating, exploring.

It can be anything from sketching, painting, singing, stand up, writing or just witty posts like that of “dude with a sign”.

This is your time to shine, and who knows you’ll be the next biggest influencer we’ve seen.

Catchup With Old Friends

When I think of our lives before the coronavirus hit us, it was all ten counts of business, jobs, grocery shopping, job, work, and sleep.

But now we have all the time in the world to spare, and we had somewhere forgotten to let people who matter know that they mattered.

But we can always change that. It’s always a choice.

And now is the time to catch up with your old buddies, to reminisce about the good old days when life was carefree and you weren’t under a plethora of responsibilities.

Most online platforms are offering group calls where you can have a party of your own at the same time being physically distant. It is a perfect way to utilize quarantine time.

This is the right time to let them all who made a little difference in your life know that they matter.

Even though you may not be in touch every day, even though you may not speak for months, they still hold a special place in your heart. I know I do.

This List isn’t Exhaustive

These are some of the things that you can do to utilize your quarantine days.

But this isn’t exhaustive. You’re so much more than a list.

Every personality is different and every one of you can differently utilize this quarantine time. Make great use of it.

So cook, read, write, paint, sing, indulge in gardening, start makeup tutorials or read our newsletters to stay updated with the marketing and advertising world.

You can do it all or some of it. Broaden your mind and be open to possibilities and opportunities.

Key Takeaway

We’re looking at the new normal, quarantine times, social distancing, and following necessary precautionary measures to stay above and ahead of Coronavirus is forming the new world.

And we have to learn to adapt to it and rise above it.

So why not do it the best way we know-how, with a positive mindset and a will to do better every passing day?

The world isn’t stopping. It’s just changing its course, and we should too, right?

Something to think about.

If you have any more ideas to add to the list, let us know or reach out to us in the comments.



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