Understanding the Impact of Covid19 on the Aviation Industry

Impact of Covid19 on Aviation Industry

How has Covid19 Impacted the Aviation Industry?

Drop In-Flight Bookings Both International And Domestic

From the onset of COVID to its becoming a global pandemic, the aviation industry has suffered more terribly than any other.

Grounded Planes are Causing More Outflow and No Inflow

Snowballing from our first point, there came a time when the world in its entirety grounded aviation operations.

Laying off the Employees

As heartbreaking as it may seem, when the world was itself going through physical and emotional turmoil, many airlines had to give their employees off without pay.

What Measures are Taken by the Aviation Industry to Resume Operations?

As some parts of the world slowly resume operations, here are a few steps that the aviation industry is taking to make sure their passengers are protected from the strain of novel coronavirus.

Safety Measures in Place

From thermal scanning sanitization, safety measures have been strictly put in place for every passenger entering the airport.

Practicing Social Distancing

All the airport authorities across the globe have put social distancing measures in place.

Medical Tests of the Staff and Crew

Prompt tests have been conducted on every staff and crew member on a regular basis to keep a check on their health and avoid any catastrophe.

What the Future Holds for the Aviation Industry?


When times are hard, brands are stronger if they are one team.

Shut Down

There are many airlines that may have to take the route of shutting down operations altogether.

Is There Still aWay Out?

All hope is not lost for those who are hopeful.

Key Takeaway

It’s still a long tiring way out. We’re still trying to find our ground in the troubled waters.



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