Why do Empowering Advertisements Always Prove so Effective? Lessons From Athleta

Pooja Agnihotri
2 min readFeb 23, 2022


There are a lot of advertisements that run around us. But then there’s that one empowering advertisement that connects. This time, a sister brand of GAP called “Athleta” was one of them.

This is a world where women are proving their metal time and again. From Jacinda Arden, Sanna Malin to Kamla Harris, women all over the world are running the whole show.

How is Athleta’s Advertisement Empowering?

Keeping this in mind, Athleta saw an opportunity to try and double down on women’s empowerment. Hence, it unveiled a new ad campaign, “Women Run”.

This advertisement focuses on women who oversee political races, households, important occupations, and other aspects of today’s society. Breaking the stereotypes, the advertisement urges women to run high in all walks of life.

It’s the world where women run it all. And that’s what Athleta believes in and is aiming to showcase with this advertisement.

An Empowering Advertisement will Empower Your Brand

Why do empowering advertisements work? Empowering advertisements can be highly focused and can resonate with their viewers strongly.

This gives your brand an overall better standing. Moreover, it will also create a sense of purpose and a drive to change amongst your audience.

Not only this, but it will also create trust, conviction, and connection of your brand with your target customers. Because a brand that has a story and an experience is the one that works.

Is an Empowering Advertisement the Way to Go?

We all see a brand the way it shows us, through its ability to create memorable, iconic advertisements, it exposes itself as the greatest secret weapon for gaining the growth of brand confidence.

This is where a constructive role in the process will potentially be played by the fight for brand identity and customer loyalty. You need to build a bond with your audience and offer them something that goes beyond price ranges and ads to hang on to.

Thus you can create a sense of purpose in people, which in turn will encourage loyalty, persuade your customers to trust and communicate with you.



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